3 thoughts on “contact

  1. Mr. manpants says:

    Saw you at the walnut room. Wonderful!
    How can I get my hands on your cd?

    • Thanks so much for your interest and enthusiasm…!!
      You can write to me at, and either hit me with your address to mail one to, or if you are in Denver, we could arrange a pickup.

      I have a Paypal acct at, or you could give me a check in the mail or cash in person. The CD/DVD combo meal is $10-20 sliding scale, though Paypal takes its share before it gets to me, so if you choose that route, maybe you could tack on a little extra to your sliding scale figure!

      Thanks, and I look forward to getting your email!
      ps: my album is also for sale on bandcamp currently, but that does not include a hard copy or a dvd of my animation work… thanks.

  2. Cleo Colorado says:

    It is been forgotten to distinguish that apart from being an awesome talented artist, you also are a true friend, like an angel to me! Sending our love from Raleigh, NC. Chris & Cleo.

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